Environmental Services

Environmental Impact Assessments, project management and the public participation process for commercial, industrial and tourism-based development projects and expansions. Development of Environmental Management Programs with particular reference to pollution effects.

Environmental Technology Assessments of new processes to evaluate their impact on the environment. These procedures also evaluate comparative improvements to be gained in the minimization of environmental impacts between different technological options.

Environmental Risk Assessments establish the potential of incidents that could give rise to environmental damage, estimation and characterization of potential damage effects and recommendations for minimizing and managing risk.

Environmental Economic Studies relating to resource ultilization and the economic implications of pollution issues.

Environmental Audits encompass the preparation of policies, standards, and assessment of performance against legal and managerial standards.

With the age of Global Climate change upon us, Willchem is expanding its activities to include various aspects of Carbon accounting and Cleaner development assessments.

Risk Services

Rapid Ranking Risk Audits to identify key technical and environmental risk areas for special attention.

Safety Audits & Occupational Hygiene Assessments in the processing environment. Technical safety and process efficiency audits and surveys of plant and management systems.

Technical Risk Assessments of commercial and industrial projects including assessment of “Major Hazardous Installations”, facilitating classical “Hazard Studies”, “What-if” procedures and other techniques which have specific focus on the assessment of process risks leading to social and environmental impacts.

Project Services

Project Risk Assessment to identify the commercial and managerial risks arising from new projects.

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