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Chris Williams - Owner / Manager (Willchem member) 

A multidisciplinary development manager with significant experience and achievements in industrial and environmental fields and whose experience and accomplishments include;

  • Assessing the impacts and risk to man, society, and the environment from industrial and commercial developments,
  • Techno-economic viability studies, productivity studies, and operability/hazard studies,
  • Managing diverse multi-disciplinary technical project groups for EIAs and EMPRs and other focused studies.
  • Managing & facilitating the public participation in environmental projects.
  • Commercial project and product management.

Chris is a Professional Natural Scientist in both Chemistry and Environmental sciences, and has been involved in numerous projects relating to mining, chemical processing, industrial development, tourism and transportation risks. Many of these projects have focused on the Air Water and Solid waste pollution risk of new and existing industries.

He is also active in the assessment of the impacts of developments on protected natural environments and is currently involved in a number of projects in this field.

Florence Madziwa (Dip Chem. Eng. (Unisa)) (Willchem staff)

 With her Chemical Engineering diploma and continuing studying towards her degree Florence has gained a wealth of experience, specifically in the technical safety field. She has been involved in a number of Projects with Willchem ranging from Chlorine Plants through various metallurgical processes including furnaces, concentrators and hydrometallurgy. She is also involved in the chemical aspects of Willchem’s waste / water management projects.

Barbara Cross (Willchem staff - Finance & Administration)

Barbara is the mainstay of Willchem's administration and finance.

Kaera Coetzer (BSc Hons) (Ecology & GIS)(Willchem staff - part time)

 Kaera is a young recently qualified biologist currently studying for her PhD at University of the Witwatersrand. She has carried out a number of biological reviews for Willchem associates and has also detailed the GIS mapping necessary for the Impact assessment process.

Mukundwa Phalandwa (B.Sc. (Hons) (Energy) (Johannesburg). B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences (Venda)) – Willchem Staff

 Mukundwa Phalandwa is an Environmental sciences graduate with experience in urban environmental issues as well as various statistical processes. Apart from his environmental education he has extended is Honours training to include the issues and impacts of energy demands. He currently is involved in a number of Impact assessments and compliance audits.


Where necessary advice and / or assistance on external specialities would be obtained from a wide range of Willchem's associates who are experts in their particular fields. However any such activity would be discussed with Client management before proceeding.

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